Mar 27, 2019


Our conversation with Rebecca started months ago, budding organically. We both understood good things take time and were in no rush to grow this idea-child of ours, even though we were full of excitement.

Months, research and collaborations later (we’re looking at you Abbe’ Tea (@abbeteaco) , Water Oracle Tea (@stacey.wateroracletea) , and Moon Child Reiki and Herbals (@moonchild.reikiandherbals) and it’s finally here — The Moon Goddess Collection.

This tea collection is designed to celebrate and support one of the most important aspects of womanhood, menstruation. These three herbal teas are made with all the best herbs, flowers, and fruits to nourish our bodies during the process of shedding and rebuilding each month.

But to truly appreciate this collection is to understand the woman behind it, Rebecca Sgouros. Read below to learn more about the inner workings of this archeologist (yup, she’s the coolest), her amazing business (like MCB but for TEAS!) and where her love for tea came from.

Name of brand: Tea Hive
Your name and title: Rebecca Sgouros, Owner (Queen Bee)
Where you reside: I live both in Jackson, WY and Boston, MA. It’s the perfect combination of city and rural, ocean and mountains, New England charm and wild west cowboy culture!
How did you find yourself as an herbalist and tea maker? I am actually an archaeologist by training and am completely fascinated by ancient and traditional cuisines and am constantly hunting for forgotten foods and beverages. While traveling, I was constantly collecting new teas (and teawares) bringing them back for family and friends. I founded Tea Hive to share my passion and excitement for discovering high quality, artisanal, and unique tea with others.

There are so many traditional plants that are culturally significant for their medicinal and wellbeing properties. It is fascinating to me how some tea ingredients (like chamomile, mint or camelia sinensis, the one plant that all our black, green, oolong teas come from) have spread across the world and are incredibly popular across all cultures, and how others are only used by specific cultures and communities and barely known to the outside world (like Mamaki in Hawaii or Mountain Tea in Greece).

I personally have found a lot of benefit from tea-based herbalism and aromatherapy and have begun to collaborate with other herbal experts to create special collections, like the Moon Goddess Collection, that celebrate and nurture specific aspects of the human experience!

I guess you could say I am a collector and curator of teas and tea knowledge and am obsessed with sharing that with like-minded folks around the world.

Tell us one of your values and how you support it in everyday life: I’m sure if you asked my family they would tell you I was the kind of child that asked a million questions. I am fueled by a need for discovery. In my careers as an archaeologist and as a tea curator, I am constantly hunting, and uncovering, and investigating new things that fascinate me. I love traveling and exploring new parts of our incredible world and learning about new cultures and customs. Food is the ultimate method of discovery for me, and I’m constantly dragging my husband to different restaurants, investigating new cuisines and figuring out how to prepare them in our little kitchen at home! There are so many amazing artists and makers out in the world with unique and beautiful wares and love to hunt for new favorites at local shops, craft fairs, or on Etsy and Instagram.

Your go-to, never fail tea: Oh gosh, how could I possibly pick a favorite tea, I have so many favorites depending on my mood, the time of day, my environment, and sense of nostalgia. A Muscatel, Indian Black tea, is so simple and yet so satisfying. Floral oolongs and jasmine pearls are my ‘feeling special’ picks. Tulsi, Rose, Mountain Tea are all constant companions in my herbal repertoire. Oh, and if you don’t know Yaupon, you should, it’s a staple for me! Oh and of course Rooibos + Chai!! Basically I feel like my teas are my friends and if I leave them out, they’ll be sad…

Why empowering women with whole ingredients is so important to you: Life is way too short to drink bad tea, and believe me, there is plenty of it out there. I don’t want to drink tea that is filled with pesticides or artificial flavors. I don’t want to buy tea from massive corporations who don’t pay their farmers fair wages, who sell mediocre quality teas, and who through demand and over production are destroying tea plants and plantations. Neither should you! There are countless small and local growers, blenders, and purveyors who are creating exceptional artisanal products while giving back to the environment and to communities around the world. When I support these suppliers I am supporting their livelihood as well as the whole supply chain. Conscientious shopping is important in its own right, but when we consume quality products made from whole ingredients we feel better, and are able to manifest our creations and our passions. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

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