Oct 19, 2020

Mindful Eating Meditation Series with Living Rhythm: Follicular Phase

Welcome back to our meditation series, created by the lovely Sara Roane and Living Rhythm that focuses on mindful eating and how we can connect further to our meals and the food we consume! A new meditation will be released every 2 weeks and will focus on the menstrual cycle. This week, we continue with the follicular phase and focus on eating our Golden Mylk Ginger cookie (or any treat/food of your choosing!).

Mindful Eating Meditation Series: Welcome Inner Spring

Hopefully you have had a chance to experience & reflect on our first Living Your Rhythm Mindful Eating Meditation, an offering to support you in menstruation! This meditation series is an opportunity for you to dive into the inner world of yourSelf and your relationship with food. 

We explore this supported by pranayama, visualization & mindful eating.  Pranayama practices are Yoga based breathing techniques that guide us towards an inward focus and balanced nervous system.  Visualization imagery supports us in tapping into the senses while further deepening the impact of Pranayama.  Mindful eating develops our practice of non-judgemental, focused, full attention throughout our experience of eating.  

It’s a journey of exploration & discovery in relationship with Self & food and we’re so glad you’re joining us! 

Today’s mindful eating meditation is intended to support you in your follicular phase, your inner spring. We suggest you choose Mooncycle Bakery’s Golden Mylk Ginger cookie (delish!) as your treat for it’s nutritional support in this phase, and know that you can benefit from this meditation with any treat, in any phase.  You’ll be guided through the practices of diaphragmatic breathing, four part breath, sometimes referred to as water breath for it’s neutralizing impact on the nervous system, and a guided visualization of morning in the Spring to prepare you for your mindful eating experience. 

In this meditation, we invite you to get a little extra curious about your scent-ual experience.  Smells can have a potent influence on us at a primitive level, while they can also be easily missed or overlooked from other distractions & external stimulation. 

Consider, are there smells that take you back to a specific experience, place, or person? Do you remember a time when you had a cold and felt as though you couldn’t taste anything? Our sense of smell offers the majority of our ability to taste.  It also offers a beautiful point of inquiry to explore the connection between body & mind. 

This kind of inquiry can be elevated by reflection & journaling.

If it calls to you, take out a journal and after completion, let yourself write freely on the following.

What was this experience like for you?

How did the practice feel for you?

What did you notice about your sense of smell & taste?

What else came up for you?

Look for the following 2 meditations offered to you every other week.

Ovulation Inner Summer Meditation release November 2nd

Luteal Inner Fall  Meditation November 16th

Enjoy the journey, loves!

With Love & Reverence,

Sara & Cierra

Living Rhythm, The Science & Wisdom of Women, is a women’s wellness cOMmunity offering education & guidance in mindful cyclical living, embodiment practices for all phases of your cycle through yoga & meditation, & a sisterhood support system.

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