Nov 16, 2020

Mindful Eating Meditation Series with Living Rhythm: Luteal Phase

Mindful Eating Meditation Series: Grateful for Inner Fall

Greetings Cyclical Souls! Welcome back for our fourth and final Living Your Rhythm Mindful Eating Meditation. These meditations have been crafted with so much love to support you in each phase of your cycle, or as you cycle with the moon.

For today’s meditation we invite you to enjoy Moon Cycle Bakery’s Sweet Potato Brownie with Chocolate Chunks! Yum! This one might be our favorite – although it’s so hard to choose! It’s also now available as a mix for those who love to bake. What a blessing!

All of our meditations have intention with your cycle phase and treat of choosing, and please know you can enjoy the benefits in any phase, with any treat. Mindful eating practices have the power to support and heal our relationship with food and ourSelves. This is something we are deeply passionate about.  In a culture that experiences chronic stress, dissatisfaction with food, and digestive dysfunction as “normal,” it’s true that anyone – cyclical or not – may discover benefits and healing from these practices. We ask that you share our meditations with anyone you know whose well-being may be lifted from the experience.

In today’s meditation, we will calm, balance & purify the nervous system first with diaphragmatic breathing, then with Nadi Shodhana, also known as alternate nostril breathing. With conscious, mindful breath, we will practice visualization to explore the many qualities of Earth’s Autumn.  We sprinkle in gratitude to further support you in the luteal phase, your Inner Fall.   

The luteal phase is a great time to place extra attention on your gratitudes. It’s during this time that we may find ourSelves a little extra anxious, sensitive or critical. At Living Rhythm, we acknowledge these aspects as shadows to our Inner Light. During this phase we get to experience ourselves with superpowers of heightened awareness, authenticity & as detectives of deep truths. Gratitude supports us in remaining compassionate with ourSelves, no matter what comes up.

Similarly, it’s common that we humans experience a little extra anxiety, sensitivity and a critical eye during the holiday season. As Thanksgiving approaches, we invite you to dive back into these meditation practices as often as you need, and maybe every day. We encourage you to practice mindful eating as a way to nourish and celebrate yourSelf mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually. Let mindful eating support you with nourishment & celebration of all your blessings, no matter how small. In fact, acknowledging our smallest blessings and gratitudes have been shown to create the greatest impact on our health & well-being. Consider journaling to keep track and notice if this experience holds true for you.

We hope these tools support you in your journey and encourage you to come back to them each month. Consider practicing each meditation with a different Mooncycle Bakery treat and during your holiday celebrations. Imagine gathering around with your family & friends this holiday season and offering a mindful eating meditation before your meal or dessert. 

What a powerful shift this could create as we conclude what has been a very challenging year for so many.

If you missed the last few meditations and you’re curious to dive in, find our Mindful Eating Meditations at the following links:

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We’re deeply humbled and so grateful that you’ve chosen to take this Mindful Eating exploration with us.

We encourage you to continue practicing these tools & techniques. Keep journaling what you discover and find. Thank you for sharing in this  journey with us!



With Love & Reverence,
Sara & Cierra


Living Rhythm, The Science & Wisdom of Women, is a women’s wellness cOMmunity offering education & guidance in Mindful Cyclical Living, embodiment practices for all phases of your cycle through yoga & meditation, & sisterhood support system.

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