Oct 31, 2020

Mindful Eating Meditation Series with Living Rhythm: Ovulation Phase

Welcome back for our third Mindful Eating Meditation to support your cycle. How has exploration of Self and your relationship with food been so far? We’d love to hear how the first two meditations landed for you! If you have not yet had the chance to explore them, find our Mindful Eating Meditation for Menstruation here and for Follicular Phase, your Inner Spring here.

Mindful Eating Meditation Series: Hello Inner Summer!

Today’s meditation is intended to support you during ovulation, your inner summer! We suggest you choose Moon Cycle Bakery’s yummy Lemon Poppyseed bite as your treat for it’s nutritional support in this phase. And, please know that you will benefit from this meditation with any treat, in any phase.

Mindful eating practices have a powerful impact on our wellness. They increase mindfulness & support our relationship with food, while preparing the body to best receive, digest and absorb nutrients we need to thrive.  You’ll notice that in this meditation series, Sara guides you to place the treat back down after your first bite. She offers further exploration & inquiry in each meditation for that first bite, including observation of what occurs before & after chewing. Varying with your food choices, this can get really interesting when we slow down and notice! The practice of placing the treat down between bites can be applied and explored during meal time as well and this week, we invite you to do just that.

Placing your food or utensil back down between bites has been a powerful mindfulness practice for Sara in her own food healing journey as well as for those she has coached and shared it with.  It’s a great tool for slowing down your eating habits while increasing mindfulness with the food you nourish yourself with. If the practice resonates with you, or you’re at least curious in some way, here are a few ways you might explore it further this week.  

Try having one meal this weekor one meal per day if you’re feeling it!where you practice placing your fork or food down between bites. Let yourself fully chewy, observe, then swallow. Keep a sense of kindness and curiosity about you as you do. Let the space between picking up your food offer you the time to chew more completely, supporting more complete digestion, as well as zoom in for the full taste, texture and changes of your meal as you enjoy it through all your senses!  

We’re big fans of finding ease, so if a whole meal feels a bit daunting… let it be just the first bite. Maybe you practice this for the first bite of your first meal each day.

How can you use this practice to support you even further, beyond our meditation?

Keep your eye out for our last meditation release! A meditation for the Luteal phase, your inner Fall  is headed your way November 16th!

Until then, enjoy your journey, loves!

With Love & Reverence,
Sara & Cierra

Living Rhythm, The Science & Wisdom of Women, is a women’s wellness cOMmunity offering education & guidance in Mindful Cyclical Living, embodiment practices for all phases of your cycle through yoga & meditation, & a sisterhood support system.

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