Oct 05, 2020

Mindful Eating Meditation Series with Living Rhythm: Menstrual Phase

We’re honored and excited to offer you a new meditation series, created by the lovely Sara Roane and Living Rhythm that focuses on mindful eating and how we can connect further to our meals and the food we consume! A new meditation will be released every 2 weeks and will focus on the menstrual cycle. This week, we start with the menstrual phase and focus on eating our ginger chocolate cup (or any treat/food of your choosing!).

Living Your Rhythm: A Mindful Eating Meditation Series

Eating.  It can be so simple. 

It’s a basic function, required for human survival.

It’s a miraculous part of our lives.

It’s a part of many gatherings & celebrations.

Yet, in today’s world, so many of us eat on the go, grab the first item in sight, or indulge without any presence to our actions… sometimes we do all three at once! Oops…

The chronic stress we generally experience today through lifestyle & environment create a baseline for many of us for unsatisfying foods and digestive dysfunction. The behaviors of rushed, stressful or unpresent eating is normal for so many of us… and it impacts us negatively on many levels of wellness. 

We may find we still feel hungry after we’ve eaten. 

We may find our body has challenges with digestion, absorption or elimination. 

We may find we crave certain foods or snacks without understanding what our body is truly asking for.  

Eating mindfully, the practice of eating with focused, non judgemental attention on our moment to moment, bite-by-bite experience, has the potential to improve our health physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

Much of the benefits from mindful eating practices can be attributed to the state of the nervous system while eating. This is brought about through meditation & breathing techniques. Meditation and breathwork have the ability to shift the human body out of the stress state, where the sympathetic nervous system is dominating. In this state we experience survival mode, fight-flight-or-freeze.  Through mindful eating practices, the parasympathetic nervous system becomes dominant and we enter a state of rest and digest. Parasympathetic nervous system dominance is required for many optimal wellness functions, including digestion.

So how do we get started in the practice of eating more mindfully? 

How can we begin to feel the benefits?

Sara & Cierra, Co-Founders of Living Rhythm, have put together a Mindful Eating Meditation Series to support your exploration & self-inquiry.  This series offers four meditations, one for each phase of your feminine cycle or the moon. 

Each meditation will ground you in your space, support you in selecting a nutritious & delicious Moon Cycle Bakery treat, and guide you through a mindful eating experience.  The treat & meditation will offer wellness support for a specific phase, and can be beneficial at any time.

We’ll start this week with a special meditation for menstruation, inner winter!

Look for the following 3 meditations offered to  you every other week.

Follicular Inner Spring Meditation release October 19th

Ovulation Inner Summer Meditation release November 2nd

Luteal Inner Fall  Meditation November 16th

Enjoy the journey loves!

With Love & Reverence,
Sara & Cierra

Living Rhythm, The Science & Wisdom of Women, is a women’s wellness cOMmunity offering education & guidance in mindful cyclical living, embodiment practices for all phases of your cycle through yoga & meditation, & a sisterhood support system.

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Cherpak C. E. (2019). Mindful Eating: A Review Of How The Stress-Digestion-Mindfulness Triad May Modulate And Improve Gastrointestinal And Digestive Function. Integrative medicine (Encinitas, Calif.), 18(4), 48–53.

Bays M.D., Jan Chozen.. Mindful Eating: A Guide To Rediscovering a Healthy & Joyful Relationship with Food.. Shambhala Publications Inc., 2009.

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