Oct 29, 2019

Natracare Answers All

Can you have sex on your period? What kind of tampon, pad, or cup should I use for my period? Why do I crave junk food? Why is my period late?… Periods come with a whole slew of questions — especially with stigma surrounding our menstrual cycles and the hush-hush tones we’re supposed to speak about them in. 

At Natracare, we believe not only in celebrating our natural bodies and talking candidly on menstrual topics, but also about celebrating nature. And this year we’re celebrating 30 years as the first organic and plastic-free period products brand. Since 1989, we’ve proudly been a campaigning brand all about protecting — not polluting — our planet (and our vaginas). 

On Moon Cycle Bakery’s Instagram, we jumped on to ask for your top period questions. Here’s what you wanted to know: 

What kind of period product is best for me?
There is no wrong answer to this question — it really is up to personal preference. There’s so much choice out there, from menstrual cups, to reusable pads, to organic disposable pads and tampons like ours. What’s more important is the quality of the product and the ingredients used in them, which brings us to our next question…

What chemicals are in most brand name tampons and pads?
The short answer is: we don’t know. There unfortunately is no federal law in the US that requires menstrual hygiene brands to disclose the ingredients in their products. However, thanks to non-profits like Women’s Voices for the Earth, there is a big push brewing to change that — in fact, New York is the first state to sign such a bill into law.

There has also been studies that investigated what’s in conventional period products — these studies have found the toxin dioxin (a by-product of chlorine bleaching), rayon and other synthetic (read: plastic) fabrics, and fragrances/perfumes. All of these ingredients are aggravating to our vagina and potentially harmful to our overall health. 

To avoid these ingredients, we recommend opting for brands that are fully transparent of their ingredients — regardless of no law requiring them to do so. At Natracare, we believe in total transparency and we disclose all our ingredients. To learn more about what makes up a Natracare feminine product, check out this webpage.

What’s different about Natracare products?
Natracare was born 30 years ago on the idea that period products should not harm our bodies, nor our planet. Since day 1, all of our products have had these two ideas in mind — from harvesting renewable, organic materials to avoiding synthetic and unwanted chemicals in production to using biodegradable and compostable materials for a soft ecological footprint.

Our period products (as well as our maternity care and personal care products) are plastic-free, certified organic, totally chlorine free, and certified vegan. We are also proud members of 1% for the Planet. 

What’s the story behind Natracare?
In 1989, Natracare was the first organic and natural period product brand, created as a campaign to shake up the period protection industry and finally provide people with a viable eco-friendly alternatives. 

Susie Hewson, founder & owner of Natracare, was inspired to pioneer and build the first organic & natural tampon after learning about the dangers of dioxin pollution, a common byproduct of chlorine bleaching. Appalled to find no pads or tampons without dioxin at the time, she set out to develop her own. 

To learn more about our story and the journey of our campaigning brand, check out “Our Story” here.

How is the growing process for cotton different for Natracare than other products?
Cotton is the world’s most heavily pesticide sprayed crop. By opting for organic, we are reducing your exposure to pesticides — as well as the worker’s exposure and the planet’s exposure. Moreover, organic provides a fair wage and good working conditions for the workers. 

Natracare only uses 100% certified organic cotton to the Global Textile Standard (GOTS). As with everything else we do, the reason is for healthier workers, a healthier planet and a healthier you.  

How does spending more money on organic feminine hygiene products make a difference for my body?
Opting for organic feminine hygiene products is an action of love for your body and the planet. Just as eating healthy and organic is showing value to your body, so is using healthy personal care products. By cutting out the pesticides and other nasty chemicals, you’re taking care of your body and the planet in one fell swoop

At Natracare, we work as a small, grassroots team, so we can provide the lowest price for our organic & natural products and make them more accessible and affordable. 

Can I have sex on my period?
Yes! Just be sure to still use protection — and maybe a towel for the playful mess. For more info, we explore this question in a little more detail on this blog.

Why do I crave junk food?
As our bodies prepare for the menstrual phase of our cycle, certain hormone levels increase while others decrease. This shifty hormone change is what leads the various Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) side effects, such as craving junk food or bloating. 

Why is my period late?
The most obvious reasoning is that you’re pregnant – but it’s not the only explanation. Periods are a tell-tale sign of our health. Late periods can also mean high stress levels, over (or under) exercising, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), thyroid issues, or something else. 

A period is considered late when it’s 7-14 days passed the expected start date. If you notice a sudden change in your cycle, or you just aren’t sure, it’s best to speak to your health care provider to see if there are any underlying causes. 

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions! Please follow us at @Natracare, join our Facebook Group: There Will Be Blood 🔴, and reach out with any period question you have — nothing is too TMI, gross, or dumb to ask! 


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