May 07, 2018


Our team got together this year and decided to share the stories of our mamas and acknowledge it all. We’re big believers that talking about the good, the bad, the ugly and the downright gorgeous parts of our cycles (motherhood very much included) is one of the strongest ways to destigmatize and break down stigma. It’s also the truest expression of gratitude and celebration — embracing and giving thanks for the entire experience and all it brings.

Meet Jenna; our team nutritionist and cook and her mama, Michelle. Take it away, ladies….

Name: Michelle Radomski

Daughter: Jenna Radomski

What feelings were you surprised to find during your pregnancy with me? 
I had a super easy pregnancy. No morning sickness, no big challenges. I was happy and excited almost every day. I was surprised how great it felt to be pregnant.

Did you have any cravings?
Ice cream. Or was that just an excuse? (LOL)

What do you remember about the day I was born?
I remember wanting to be pregnant again five minutes after you were born. I loved having you in my arms, and I wanted to be growing another little being at the same time. I love pregnancy. And I loved the birth experience. It was so powerful and so primal.

How did it feel to become a mother?
It was the most magical, powerful, glorious thing I had ever done. (Still is!) I would hold you and just cry for the glory of being your mama.

What challenges did you find as a new mother and how did you overcome them?
Sleep. I slept when you slept. You were such a good baby, but sleeping was a bit of a challenge.

What foods and self-care routines brought you comfort? 
I loved all of the casseroles friends and family brought. Dad was my self-care routine. He was so helpful and so supportive. You, Dad, and I were were “the three musketeers” from day one.

Why do you believe in cultivating women empowerment and embracing our cycles, bodies, etc? 
Because we need women to step into their power so we can bring love and peace back to our planet. Sooner rather than later. Preferably now.


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